HOLD BACK THE DAWN at the U.S. Open, the Labor Day tennis forays on Arthur Asche stadium, a shift in power,  change in the winds in the torrid zone of coach and father figure Uncle Toni and  his nephew Rafael (Rafi), from the Island of Majorca, outside Spain..


Their hereditary metamorphosis digs deep into the Mount Everest of biological relationships gone sour, their modus operandi dynamics being winning, racquets held high, flavored words tumbling from their lips, trophies held high… 14 grand slams… discipline and character, per dictum scrubs..

(shades of Tony Viola and his Parkville’s six cflay courts 7 decades ago on Ocean Parkway, off akin the  grand slam of Washington Cemetery, off Bay Parkway, Brooklyn N.Y.)

The Hingis mother, daughter Martina in tour thru adolescence into brash triumphs , putting their marital march together, through the testing grand slams earlier..

 Conquering all the Billie Jean Kings Chris Everts…only Steffi Graf to emerge unscarred by the professional handling ofd the prodigy byh the elder statesman mentor coach father figure calling the shots, throwing the die.


“Uncle Tony role as coach has run its rout. “Rafe must go his own way. He’s no longer “Aunt Polly’s Tom Sawyer….

 Martha Hingis’s mother, dictating the cumulative: overhead killing smash. Budge Patty going his own way into being his or her own person, free of the Julius Caesar libido bond , Brutus cutting out, liberating his psyche,  vanquishing his father figure, freeing himself.


Didn’t Budge Patty go his own way, submerging his creeping metamorphosis , identifying with Don Budge until that moment when  he  got his grip, to become himself, abandoning the aura of Budge’s text,  becoming a  champion under his own testing metamorphosis.  


“Answer and a lovelier gentleman

Framed in the prodigality of Nature

Young valiant wise and no doubt right

This spacious world cannot afford again ill.”

 Richard III, Act I, scene 2,

September 6, 2015… 24 hours before Labor Day.  The City that never sleeps.