Paul The Barber
Owner/Master Barber

Simply the Best Haircuts

Natural Wash and Wear Styles

Men, Women and Children

Beards a Specialty
Perfect Flatops

In business in Newcastle since 1976
The oldest continuous business in Newcastle.







Paul The Barber's Story




So come on by during business hours, have a seat in the front room style waiting room, grab a latest issue magazine and relax to the soothing sounds of Jazz......

Then get the best haircut you've ever had, without a gallon of expensive product you don't need. This is the real deal from a Master Barber, trained in a Barber College to cut hair.

Paul also does repairs on those so called "Cut's" you get at the phony McHaircut places. 



I want to thank all my Customer's for their years of loyalty. I owe you everything....



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