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Complete Training History


First ride in a helicopter at the Lincoln Ca. Airport on Jan 4 2004

Started her Private Pilots License training at the Auburn Ca. Airport on Feb 4 2004


First Solo at the Lincoln Ca. Airport
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Received her Private Pilots License on June 6 2004


Moved to Hillsboro Oregon to start her Commercial Training at Hillsboro Aviation.

Ferried a Helicopter from Atlanta Georgia to Hillsboro Oregon on October 7th 2004. The Trip

First long day solo cross country October 27 2004.

We got our first helicopter ride and took a few pictures The Ride

On the 26th of December 2004, a bunch of us got the chance to go up in a Viet Nam Huey Helicopter with a Viet Nam Helicopter Pilot named Don.  The Ride

Created a website as part of her university studies to receive a bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering, which she will complete about 2008 The Website

Took her written test for her Commercial License and got a 92% score.  She sent a few pictures of her and Lorena doing some night flights as part of their Commercial Training.
The Pictures and a wonderful note Lorena wrote about taking the CFI Test.

First long night solo cross country/flying in tandem with Lorena Knapp, Feb 24 2005 (also first $400 Chinese food) They were able to stop and have dinner during this flight. They call it the $400 meal because that's what that maneuver cost them (each).


On March 21, 2005 Erin received her Commercial Pilots License.


Started Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) training on March 31 2005.
First flight from the left seat in an R22 April 5 2005. When you become an Instructor you change from right seat to left seat while instructing.

On April 11th 2005, she flew on an airline to L.A. and took the Robinson Factory Safety Course. It's a 4 day intensive course that teaches you to know the outer limits of the Robinson Helicopter, which is the main training helicopter in use.

On May 31st 2005, she received a 97% score on her written exam for her CFI license


On June 1st 2005, she took her Check Ride (Flight Test) and Oral Exam and received her 
Certified Flight Instructors license.


On June 27th 2005, she was hired at Hillsboro Aviation as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).  


On July 26th 2005 she took her written exams for her Instrument license and her Certified Flight Instrument Instructor license (CFII).


On July 29th 2005 she took her Oral Exam and Check Ride (Flight Test) and received her Instrument License and her Certified Flight Instrument Instructor license (CFII).




Certified Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII)

Commercial Helicopter Pilot



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