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Certified Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII)


She is now a Helicopter Instructor qualified to teach students from Private to Commercial, including Instrument. This process will take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years to get the required 1,000 hours in the air to get jobs out in the world.  

She is now a Stage Check Examiner at the school, which means before students take their FAA examination for a license, she gives them a flight test and written test to see if they are ready or need more instruction before spending their money and time on the FAA test.

She is now the Photo/Video Pilot at the school. When someone wants to do a Photo/Video shoot, she is the pilot that takes them up.

She is pushing up to the 800 hour mark (4/06), meaning she is almost done with this part of her career. About June/July of this year, with a 1,000 hours, she'll be entering the work world as a commercial Helicopter Pilot. Almost there.......

Well, we have a little setback now. On may 18th 06, she was in a serious motorcycle accident. She's doing pretty well now. Looking at about 12 weeks of recovery time. At this point, looks like she will back to 100% sometime after that and be back to work as a CFII. 

August, 06
Well, she is back working full time and on her way again. It took longer than expected but alas, bones have an agenda of their own...

October, 06
She got a chance to fly a Bell 222 Twin Turbine on a ferry flight from Wyoming to Oregon as Pilot in Command. She got about 9 Turbine hours on her ticket.

October 06
She now has
approximately 30 hours in the Bell 222.

June 22, 07
At 8:15 p.m., she passed the
1,000 hours PIC (Pilot in Command) in the air mark. She is now done with all requirements to get a job in the world as a Helicopter Pilot. Her choices now are the Gulf of Mexico, servicing the Oil Derricks, Doing tours in the Grand Canyon, working in Alaska and a few others. Whatever she chooses, it will be her official Turbine Transition, where she will fly Turbines from now on. 



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