Trip across the U.S.A.

The school sent Erin and her instructor Mike and Anne and her instructor Nicole to pick up two helicopters back east and fly them home to Oregon. Erin and Mike went to Atlanta Georgia to pick up their ship and Nicole and Anne went to Connecticut to get their ship. They then met in Utah very near the Utah National Monument and they flew all the way to Hillsboro Oregon in formation from there.

Erin took a few pictures across the country. She was too busy right at the top of the Rocky Mountain Pass to get any shots. Not bad for one of those throw away cameras though.



She made it home. The trip was supposed to take about 3 days and that's how they packed for the trip. She said this evening, she is going to eat, take a shower, then eat, take a shower then eat. The next plan is to sleep at least two days.
Crossing the Rocky Mountains, she had to take it up to 11,400 feet to clear the highest peak, which is the absolute maximum altitude for that ship she was flying. She said there were moments where she was pretty scared but feels herself getting used to it.  I'm getting her to keep a journal of her experiences, which someday might be a great thing to have.
Each number is a day.....


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