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Commercial Helicopter Pilot


After flying Tours in the Grand Canyon Dec 08 thru July 09 and getting her hours up to the 2,000 PIC (Pilot in Command) mark, she got a job as an EMS Pilot with AEL (Air Evac Lifetime), the largest EMS Helicopter Company in the US. She went through their very complete training program of about 17 straight days and passed the check ride to become a Life Flight Pilot.

Her schedule is 7-12 hour days on, then 7 days off, then 7-12 hour nights on, then 7 off. Her first base assignment is in Jonesboro Arkansas. She then has the distinction of being in the first "All female team" in the companies long and very successful history. 

Company Website:

The Jonesboro Base Website:

She went back to the company headquarters training base and was trained in the use of NVG's, which are Night Vision Goggles. These allow her to see in the dead of night almost as good as day light. She is now completely trained, certified and licensed in their use, which makes night flying incredibly safer.



Done with EMS and heading for Alaska. Hired by Bristow Alaska to do Utility Flying



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