Paul the Barber's Story



Paulís tale starts with his Grapes of Wrath parentís arrival in Mid-Valley California, escaping not only the Dust Bowl phenomena in Okalahoma but also the Great Depressionís lack of jobs.
Born and raised on a small farm with all itís gun toting, fishing, hunting work your hands to the bone realities, he learned the true meaning of the American work ethic of that generation.
Eventually taking a circuitous route to end up in the Capitol to finally with great effort graduate High School in 1964.

Around this time he started on the long lonely road of trying to be a musician, first playing lead guitar in a garage band, then with lots of jumps and restarts, changed to Flute and Jazz, to eventually spend the rest of his life with various forms of Percussion and Jazz.
It became clear right away, being a musician was not going to pay for life and having no idea what he wanted to do for a living, someone suggested Barber College, mainly because there were lots of want ads for Barbers in the Newspaper at that point in time.

Being something his parents could afford, he signed up and went straight from High School directly into what was at that point an almost Boot Camp environment as most trade schools were back then.
8 hours a day with no breaks other than a quick lunch, 5 days a week for a year or more. Most of each day practicing cutting hair, shaving, shampooing and facials, with a couple of hours of classroom study, which included, would you believe, learning every bone, nerve, muscle and disease from the neck up. By the way, no balloons to practice on as some people have heard. No, real people with real blood.
In Barber Collage in those days, you learned how to give perfect, precise, exacting haircuts with no excuses for lines, ledges, chop marks or sloppiness. You were judged on nothing short of absolute perfection.

  A bit before he graduated, A Barber Shop owner with a recommendation from the Barber Collage President invited him out for an interview and hired him to start work as soon as he graduated. After graduation and passing a State Barber Board Examination, he started his first job as an apprentice Barber on December 1st 1964.
Working two years as an apprentice, then another State Barber Board Exam to receive his Master Barber License.

In 1972 he met and stole the love of his life, to whisk her away up to the Newcastle area, where they set up their own little hippy farm and commuted back to their respective jobs in Sacramento for 4 more years. This lady turned out to be the rock of Gibraltar for the ongoing hold on his sanity.
Excluding one little stumble, he worked at the Sacramento Shop for 12 years before opening his own Barber Shop in Newcastle in 1976. In the beginning there he served another apprenticeship of a few years with the infamous Wild Willy Slade, learning his particular brand of wisdoms, then moved across the street where he is to this day.

One of the many rewards that grew out of their mutual love was the birth of their daughter. To not turn her over to some substitute parent, his love took on the humble but renowned role of stay at home Mom, then working as a Teachers Aid when she entered school. Economically hard at times but rewarding in the extreme to raise a daughter with total love and devotion, which paid off in spades with nothing but pride in her eventual career choice of flying Helicopters.

  So there ya go, in a long-winded nutshell. Having reached the slightly frightening but proud number of 48 years cutting hair, receiving the honored award as Best Barber in the KCRA TV viewing area for three consecutive years and having the pleasure of providing perfect haircuts to his long time loyal customers with a very successful old fashioned one chair Barber Shop.

  Could one get any closer to a perfect career?


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